This is a demo page of CleanCodeNZ Geo Posts WordPress Plugin, on the map are the photos I have taken around New Zealand during my holidays.

This is using Premium of CleanCodeNZ Geo Posts WordPress Plugin, free version does not support proximity search.

Proximity Example Searchs:
  • 123 Great South Road, Auckland, NZ (Full or Partial Address)
  • Auckland, NZ (City Only)
  • 1051 Auckland (Zip Only)
Within km of above address
  • Address 6 :15 Emily place auckland city from category All
  • Address 5 :911 Dominion Road Mt Roskill from category All
  • Address 4 :343 Dominion Road Mt Roskill from category Mountain
  • Address 3 :384 Manukau Road Epsom from category Lake
  • Address 2 :15 Puriri Avenue Greenlane from category City
  • Address 1 :43 Richard Farrell Avenue Remuera from category All
  • Botanic Garden :Hagley Park,chch from category City
  • Mt Cook :Mt Cook,village from category Mountain
  • Lake Takepo :Lake Takepo,nz from category Lake
  • Cathedral Square :Cathedral Square,chch from category City
  • Wellington Harbour 1 :Wellington from category City
  • Yellow Eyed Peguin :Bushy Beach Road,Oamaro from category Beach
  • Shag Point :Shag Point New Zealand from category Beach
  • Moeraki Boulders :Moeraki Boulders New Zealand from category Beach

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