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Post Data to WordPress Permalink 404 Not Found

Do you know that when you post data to a WordPress permalink, data field name might conflict with reserved query variables in WordPress, and end up a 404 not found response? Read the rest of this entry »


jQuery NoConflict in WordPress

As WordPress loads the jQuery library in no conflict mode, $() short cut is no longer supported in javascript in WordPress, this breaks most of the open source jquery add-ons or javascript code we have written before. Read the rest of this entry »

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WordPress Page Specific Hooks

There are many hooks in WordPress for plugin developers to catch as an extension point, downside of it is those hooks will be raised on EVERY PAGE, which is an issue if you need to use a large chunk of javascript only for one page, those hooks called actions and filters are site wide, if not careful large chunk of javascript meant for one page could be emitted to every page, a definitely performance killer. Read the rest of this entry »


WordPress Permalink and IIS

When wordpress is hosted in IIS, permalink will not work, as permalink needs url rewrite.

WordPress is a php application aimed to be hosted by Apache server, there is a rewrite_module of Apache which is doing url rewrite through .htaccess file.

All these mechanisms do not exist in out of box IIS. Read the rest of this entry »

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Use Session in WordPress

Extra attention must be paid to the use of session in wordpress especially when objects are stored. if you are not careful, ‘__PHP_Incomplete_Class’ is waiting to happen. Read the rest of this entry »


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