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OAuth and PHP

As in another article I presented how to just use OauthBase.cs in .net to implement oauth both in service and client. Here is my example of php equivalent.It just uses Andy Smith’s basic PHP library for OAuth from here Read the rest of this entry »


OAuth and .Net

Is it hard to implement oauth authentication in wcf? When you try to search the internet for the possible solutions, you will normally find a few solutions like: DotNetOpenOauth or DevDefinedOauth, the problem is the solutions provided are so complicated that you do not know where to start, there is no document of how to use these solutions, on the other hand it severely obfuscates the essence of the solution of this issue. Here I am going to demonstrate how to tackle this technique issue step by step in a complete fat free way using Eran Sandler basic c# class. Read the rest of this entry »