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Service certificate: Keyset does not exist

When you try to use a service certificate in WCF namely message security, you might have an error :

Keyset does not exist

Or in a detailed manner the message could be:

It is likely that certificate ‘CN=xxx’ may not have a private key that is capable of key exchange or the process may not have access rights for the private key. Please see inner exception for detail.

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Client Certificate Authentication – Error 403.7

When you implement client certificate authentication in IIS(7.5), you might get Error 403.7, and in the client side the error message looks like

The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme ‘Anonymous’.

While you have done everything according to the books, you attached a valid certificate from client side, and its Root isĀ  indeed installed in Trusted Root Certificate Authorities on server. No matter what you do you keep getting 403.7 error from IIS.

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A Complete Example of WCF,Ajax, SSL and None SSL

Here is a complete example of using wcf and ajax via JQuery, the configuration for wcf under ssl is also included. Read the rest of this entry »

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WordPress Permalink and IIS

When wordpress is hosted in IIS, permalink will not work, as permalink needs url rewrite.

WordPress is a php application aimed to be hosted by Apache server, there is a rewrite_module of Apache which is doing url rewrite through .htaccess file.

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Windows Authentication And Impersonation

Very often we are confused by the authentication and impersonation settings in web config, coupling that with the settings of IIS and NTFS file system, to have a clear idea of who has access of what of your resources just seems an insurmountable chain of hurdles. Read the rest of this entry »