Expression Tree and Merge of Expressions

The Expression class in C# allows you to build computational expressions in run time. Most of examples you can find are showing you how to build a simple scenario of a binary expression, as a tree it will have many levels, then the question is how to combine expressions? Or how to merge expressions? Read the rest of this entry »

How to modify static javascript data in Drupal

We can add javascript or javascript settings in drupal by calling drupal_add_js(), in some cases you may want to remove some javascript you add earlier.
There is no built in function like drupal_remove_js() to do that.
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javascript in Depth

In javascript, have you ever been confused by prototype and __proto__, what is best way to do inheritance? what the type of object it actually is? where are those apply or call methods from? and what differences they have when functions are declared in different ways. There has been an urge to dive down to have a look of what those foundational concepts are. Read the rest of this entry »

Multiple files upload using managed_file in drupal

There is already a multiple file management module in drupal: plupload, but no luck when I tried to use it following their instructions. Read the rest of this entry »


Share MVC PartialView between server and client

In MVC you can divide a big view into smaller partial views, while with ajax these partial views can also be used by ajax to do partial update of an already rendered page. Read the rest of this entry »


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