ExtJS and ASP.NET Part 1- Setup

Extjs is a great client side tool we can use in our web applications, unfortunate that most of the examples on the internet are given in PHP, or server platform agnostic, as an ASP.NET programmer, I find that there are some tricks when you try to use Extjs in your .Net project.

In next couple of articles I will blog about the integration of ExtJS into an ASP.Net project. The integration was not as straight forward as you might have thought, but once you get past the steep learning curve, you will absolutely fall in love with this advanced UI tool, as a result, ASP.Net code behind will have nothing in it.
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NetBeans vs. Eclipse PHP

Before I was serious about any php development, the first thing I want to do is to decide which IDE I will use. Having not bothered to consider those commercial ones, the shortlist quickly comes down to two candidates : NetBeans and Eclipse PHP.
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ConversionPattern of Log4net

One of the things I like about log4net is that you can dramatically change logging contents by just fiddling with its configuration. It would otherwise be a very tedious task to revisit every place log function was called in your code.
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Debugging error of Eclipse PHP

The road for me as a long time dot net programmer to switch ‘code’ to PHP was undoubtedly a very bumpy one. Some of the things we took for granted in ASP.Net development can turn out to be struggles for other languages. Read the rest of this entry »

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