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Array And Object in PHP and Javascript

When you have had some experience of javascript programming, you must know that associative array is an object and an object is an associative, at least property wise (associative array is very different from index based array in many aspects)they are similar. Read the rest of this entry »

log4net In DLL Project

log4net is very popular open source logging utility for .NET, there are a lot that have been written about it mainly on how to setup and how to configure, but still there could be some issues that you may find difficult to deal with. Issues like logs are not generated or how to use it in a dll project in order to ascertain the logging is enabled for dll with or without any control of master application. Read the rest of this entry »

PHP Debugging Using XDebug

When it comes to php debugging, we seem to have only two options, one is zend debugger, the other is Xdebug, for life of me I never understood how to use zend debugger or even where to start, it looks like they called it a zend server which confuses me more(we do not need one more server, do we?), if there is any one here who knows how to debug php using zend debugger, please leave me a message.

Good news is Xdebug is a viable option for php debugging(even though sometime it is slow in Eclipse), and it is free, simple, here I am going to show you how to use it. Read the rest of this entry »

Javascript Object Programming

AS we all know that javascript is a language that fully supports object oriented programming. There have already been a lot of articles we can find on internet about this subject, but still I find that a lot of concepts are confusing which bothers me to a degree that I would like to spend some time to investigate a bit more about them.
Read the rest of this entry »

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