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Install PHP FastCGI MySql and PHPMyAdmin On IIS6

This is just a note to remind myself the process of installing PHP,MySql and PHPMyAdmin on IIS6 and Windows Server 2003. If it is of any use to you, that will be great. Read the rest of this entry »


Adjacent Post Links Styling For WordPress

Providing adjacent post links on single post template helps visitors to stay on your blog. While wordpress document on this seems to me very dated, and not enough information for the styling it used. Here is my piece of code about showing previous and next post link at the bottom of a post. Read the rest of this entry »


WordPress recent posts getting unpublished posts

From wordpress documentation this is the way to get recent posts

$number_recents_posts = 5;//Can be how many you want
$recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts( $number_recents_posts );
foreach($recent_posts as $post){
   // if ($post["post_status"]=="publish")
   // ....                   

Then one day you might find it out that your unpublished posts sneak into the list of recent posts, if that post link is clicked a ‘Not Found’ page will be displayed.
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NetBeans vs. Eclipse PHP

Before I was serious about any php development, the first thing I want to do is to decide which IDE I will use. Having not bothered to consider those commercial ones, the shortlist quickly comes down to two candidates : NetBeans and Eclipse PHP.
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Debugging error of Eclipse PHP

The road for me as a long time dot net programmer to switch ‘code’ to PHP was undoubtedly a very bumpy one. Some of the things we took for granted in ASP.Net development can turn out to be struggles for other languages. Read the rest of this entry »

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