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WordPress Plugin Dependency Programming

There are many discussions about wordpress plugin dependencies handling, there is also a plugin to allow you set up dependency relations between plugins. In my view, plugin dependencies are not something you will face very often, and in some cases you do need to require other plugins for your one to work, I would rather deal with it in a more personal way that is to handle it privately in that dependent plugin Read the rest of this entry »


Auth_Type Configuration of phpmyadmin

Here is what I have found out about which strings are pulled by the configuration auth_type of phpmyadmin. Read the rest of this entry »

Connect to a Remote MySQL Server

Normally the default install of your MySQL only allows connection from same pc. Suppose the firewall is not an issue, MySQL should be able to accessed remotely, providing the privilege is given to a user from a special IP, otherwise you will get an error message like:

#1130 host ‘xxxx’ is not allowed to connect to this mysql server.
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Postback URL in WordPress Admin Page

As a wordpress plugin developer, it is very handy to provide an option page or admin page for your plugin, in essence this page is a standard php page, you can do postback to collect user data to save them in the database or for what ever reason. Read the rest of this entry »


WordPress Version Control –Programmer’s View

As a programmer you might have to manage several wordpress installs for your customers, when problem comes up, you also need to quickly setup a development environment to pinpoint the cause through debugging. In essence it is an issue of backup and restore of an application, by putting it into a repository of version control system, it gives us a safer option we can provide to our customer, and more importantly without a version control system it is impossible for multiple users to work on same wordpress project including customers who are making content contributions Read the rest of this entry »


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