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ExtJS and ASP.Net Part 5- Asynchronous File Upload

When talking about file upload, we know that we have fileupload control, the file upload is done through a post back, this does not quite fit into our ajax web applications in terms of following deficiencies:
1.It is an server control, very hard to style
2.It is done through post back, if we want it done in ‘ajax’ way?
3.If we want to upload several files at the same time?
4.If we want to provide a progress bar to indicate the progress?
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IE Javascript Regex bug Fails Jquery trim

If you are using $.trim(astring) in IE, even in IE8, the leading and trailing spaces are not trimmed at all.

This is due to a bug of javascript regex implementation by ie not including \xa0 into \s.
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ExtJS and ASP.NET part 4 -Generic Progress Bar Control

Very often that server is asked to do a long running procedure, it poses a challenge to both scenarios as ASP.Net post back and even ajax call . It is possible that the synchronous call to server timed out the postback, to an ajax request, the call back is also possible timedout if it is not made in a short period of time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Javascript Object Programming

AS we all know that javascript is a language that fully supports object oriented programming. There have already been a lot of articles we can find on internet about this subject, but still I find that a lot of concepts are confusing which bothers me to a degree that I would like to spend some time to investigate a bit more about them.
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ExtJS and ASP.Net Part 3 – Border Layout and Master Page

In ExtJS and ASP.Net Part 2 – WCF communication we learned how to make ajax calls to an application, but the most beautiful thing about extjs framework is its richness of UI components and layout controls, which presents irresistible attractions for us developers who normally find it hard to deal with positioning of html based controls.
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