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Array And Object in PHP and Javascript

When you have had some experience of javascript programming, you must know that associative array is an object and an object is an associative, at least property wise (associative array is very different from index based array in many aspects)they are similar. Read the rest of this entry »

Javascript String Literal

String is a very important concept in javascript, as it is a script language, to me a script language does not have any typed data but string, you might not believe it, everything is in string. Read the rest of this entry »

Pass PHP String To Javascript Variable

When you try to pass a php string to a javascript varaible like

  var myvar = "<?php echo $myVarValue;?>";

If there is any special characters like quote or new line, it is very likely javascript will be broken with an error message like:unterminated string literal Read the rest of this entry »

Using Javascript and CSS in WordPress Plugin

Most of blogs out there are suggesting that to use following line to reference javascript files like jquery in your wordpress plugin.

<?php wp_enqueue_script("jquery"); ?>

Read the rest of this entry »


ExtJS and ASP.NET Part 9- TreeGrid and WCF

In Extjs apart from combo box, another very useful control is Treegrid. I am going to show you how to populate a Treegrid using wcf json data service in an web form project. Read the rest of this entry »

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