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OpenLayers Primer

There are many benefits using OpenLayers for map functionalities compared with using map apis directly. here is a list of lessons I learned when I started out to use OpenLayers, they are basic  important concepts therefor critical to the correct use of OpenLayers, another reason they are here is I found them confusing too.

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javascript in Depth

In javascript, have you ever been confused by prototype and __proto__, what is best way to do inheritance? what the type of object it actually is? where are those apply or call methods from? and what differences they have when functions are declared in different ways. There has been an urge to dive down to have a look of what those foundational concepts are. Read the rest of this entry »

Name space programming in Javascript

We all start javascript programming in a procedure way, the functions and variables defined in the way everything are global, global variables are evil some even claim, on the other hand when scripts getting bigger, and object programming concept is being used more and more, you are facing with a daunting task of maintaining and refactoring your existing scripts, developing new code is also getting more and more difficult. To organize the code into classes is the right way to go down, further than that how about modules or name spaces in javascript? The answer is yes. Read the rest of this entry »

Anatomy of JSONP Ajax in GWT

It is just a self study note from Read the rest of this entry »


Anatomy of JSON in GWT

Part 1: JSON Ajax Server

It is just a simple HttpServlet which streams back a json string Read the rest of this entry »


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