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Customization of Spring Security Authentication

Normally we do application authentication against a database or authenticating through web services or even more complicated a mix of them. With this in mind, I start to investigate how to use spring security to achieve authentication in these scenarios. Read the rest of this entry »


Using Springsource Tool Suite with Google App Engine

Nowadays web application development relies on fast scaffolding based on templates, automated build and deploy tools. In java, you can find tools like ant and maven or leningen to create a stub application by just one command, build and deploy is not more complicated than just issuing two words command line command like maven build…

But when it comes to some frameworks it might be a big struggle to find a build tool that can do all of these, an example is how to fast scaffold a stub Google App Engine application that is going to use spring frame work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Springsource Tool Suite Server Error

When you are using spring frame work for java web application development you must check out the development tool provided by VMware, which not only allows you debugging spring based application, but also comes with a web server tc Server. Read the rest of this entry »


Absolute and Relative Path in XSLT

The following is observed from xslt version 1.0

1. There are two important nodes that we must always be sure about

“.” the current context node and
“/” document root not current context node root Read the rest of this entry »


Anatomy of JSONP Ajax in GWT

It is just a self study note from Read the rest of this entry »


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