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.Net implementation of AES CRT

AesCryptoServiceProvider in .Net has not provided CRT implementation and also I have not found any examples about this from internet, so I decided to code one myself, and it turns out quite simple.
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Differences of Isolation levels

Here I am trying to explain the difference of isolation levels in plain English together with the scenarios in real situation which we can relate with those concepts .

There are two main concepts that are used to define the differences of isolation levels:

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Regex multiple occurrence search

Here is a task we have very often, multiple occurrence or recurring match, this is made easy by understanding zero width assertion and greedy –lazy matching. Read the rest of this entry »

Reusable Schema In Biztalk

The reusability of schema can be achieved through schema import and definition of simple and complex types, here is a very simple guide line as how to and what to do in terms of reusable schema design in Biztalk Read the rest of this entry »


C# Regex Gotchas

Here I am going to show you how to understand a few confusing usages of regex in c#, like double quotes in pattern, find and replace, wrapping up with a real world example of version number replacing in automated build process. Read the rest of this entry »


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