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Auto build for .NET using NANT

This is hands on example of using nant to build a .net solution, including the tricky deployment project type, auto versioning of assembly files and deployment project file. Read the rest of this entry »

Dynamic configurable and resuable Linq

How to get past of writing static linq statements? Or how to include the parameters in your linq query? Or write your linq dynamically in order for it to be configurable and reusable? Read the rest of this entry »


Absolute and Relative Path in XSLT

The following is observed from xslt version 1.0

1. There are two important nodes that we must always be sure about

“.” the current context node and
“/” document root not current context node root Read the rest of this entry »


Ajax in ASP.Net MVC 3

In web form application, if we need ajax service, we will need to create wcf services on server side to serve ajax calls, while in MVC web application(version 3), no wcf is needed, a controller will do. Read the rest of this entry »


log4net In DLL Project

log4net is very popular open source logging utility for .NET, there are a lot that have been written about it mainly on how to setup and how to configure, but still there could be some issues that you may find difficult to deal with. Issues like logs are not generated or how to use it in a dll project in order to ascertain the logging is enabled for dll with or without any control of master application. Read the rest of this entry »

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