NetBeans vs. Eclipse PHP

Before I was serious about any php development, the first thing I want to do is to decide which IDE I will use. Having not bothered to consider those commercial ones, the shortlist quickly comes down to two candidates : NetBeans and Eclipse PHP.

It looks like both of them are ok to me and there was not a clear winner from my research. So I ended up having both NetBeans IDE 6.9 (Build 201006101454) and Eclipse for PHP Developers(Build20100218-1602) installed on my pc.

To my surprise that the intellisense of Eclipse is far from ‘rock solid’ according to this review

Intellisense of Eclipse is seriously lacking, most of time you are presented with a red line at the left bottom corner of Eclipse saying – no completions available. Even the methods of same class are not accessible for code completion, let alone those from import files.

Here is an intellisense screenshot of NetBeans for Zend library:

netbeans code completion

netbeans code completion

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  1. raoul.duke says:

    i am wondering about which is the best ide, i would try netbeans. thanks

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