Filter_var function in php is a very useful built-in tool for server side form validation, but there is a minor problem when you validate an integer which is zero. It does not accept zero as a valid integer.

If you use following to validate an integer input

 if(isset($inputvariable) && filter_var($inputvariable, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT))
      // valid integer input, except 0

When $inputvariable is zero, if statement is evaluated as false, this is due to filter_var returns the filtered data if validation is successful , and FALSE if filter fails.

In this case, filter_var($inputvariable, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT) returns int(0) not FALSE, but php auto type casts int 0 into FALSE, so whole if statement is false.

The solution does not have to be changing integer filer to regex FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEXP, you still can use the same int filter through the use of ‘===’

 if(isset($inputvariable) &&(filter_var($inputvariable, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)===0 ||!filter_var($inputvariable, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)===False ))
 // valid integer input including 0

Using ‘===’ will avoid automatic type casting in evaluation.

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    Thanks for sharing… I thought I was doing something wrong!!!

  2. Jorge Flores says:

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  3. Michael says:

    Thanks a lot from Kherson.

  4. M says:

    Or just:
    if(isset($inputvariable) && (filter_var($inputvariable, FILTER_VALIDATE_INT)!==False ))
    – no need for the extra ===0 test, since (0!==FALSE) avoids type casting and evaluates to TRUE.

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