Biztalk Property Promotion

Property promotion does two things : promote the property into a key/value store, write the value of promoted property to the data store

1.Property schema

Promoted properties must be defined in a property schema

Other type of schemas :xml schema, envelop schema and property schema

2. Custom property schema
When you quickly promote a property it will be created for you

3. Global property schema

They are used by message context fields, if you promote property to global property schema you might end up overriding its value

4. Property schema base

When it is MessageContextPropertyBase the property can hold data outside of a message, like a message context field, doing this you can carry data without changing message schema by adding fields to it.

One typical scenario is how to keep data in envelop in detaching pipeline:

Promote fields in envelop into custom property schema and mark them as MessageContextPropertyBase as their propter schema base

Do not promote them into Global property schema to avoid overwriting system values

These fields can be used as extensions to the message body instead of being thrown away

But in the case of using envelop in send pipeline, promoting property to global property schema is very useful, normally there is no way to populate fields in the envelop of send pipeline, but if you promote fields in envelop of send pipeline it will actually copy message context data into envelop in send pipeline.

5. Scope of promoted property

It is global to Biztalk Server Administration management console, therefor can be used as port filters


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