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For valuable work on creation of sites you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many requiring paid products for this purpose, but we would like to select free of charge very functional and at the same time of simple in the use editor – Codelobster PHP Edition .
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.Net implementation of AES CRT

AesCryptoServiceProvider in .Net has not provided CRT implementation and also I have not found any examples about this from internet, so I decided to code one myself, and it turns out quite simple.
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Use Unity container in Controller of Owin Web api 2 hosted on web

Just want to share a few tips about how use unity dependency resolver in a web api2 project through owin.
First tip is for parameter-less resolving, you do not have to get access of unity container at all, it is resolved automatically.
For example you want to inject a Repository to your Product Controller
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Read claims principle from SignInResponseMessage of WSFederation

Since the release of WsFederation Owin middleware, the client using WSFederation based authentication becomes very easy

var options = new WsFederationAuthenticationOptions
                    MetadataAddress = Constants.BaseAddress + "/wsfed/metadata",
                    Wtrealm = "urn:xxxxxxxx",
                    SignInAsAuthenticationType = "Cookies"


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Service certificate and client certificate requirements

When you use WCF transport and message security, you will inevitably have to deal with a service certificate. Here I am going to list a few problems you might have when using service certificate and their normal error messages

There is one exception in the use of service certificate, which is using message security with none authentication(anonymous) , the requirement of that certificate is quite relaxed. Because it  is not using real TLS nego  but SPNego protocol when there is no client authentication involved. I find it that any valid certificate will be accepted by client. Otherwise the service must match following conditions to be happily consumed by clients

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